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Material Handling

Material Handling


From the moment your part arrives at Meridian Industrial Group you can be assured we will treat it with the utmost care. Our extensive line of material handling equipment and experienced personnel allow us to handle large CNC parts safely and efficiently.

Material handling is one of the most important aspects of our job, ensuring that your parts are given the care and treatment they require. We make sure your parts are delivered safely and routinely checked for quality handling. Our personnel have many years of experience in rigging and lifting heavy and awkward loads.

Our handling equipment is prepared for whatever you send our way. We have forklift capacity up to 15,500 lbs, a flatbed that can carry up to 13,000 lbs, and overhead hoists with capacities between 5-15 tons. With our handling abilities Meridian Industrial Group is the only facility to trust with your projects.

Meridian Industrial Group operates across the country and internationally. In addition we service clients locally in cities such as Boston, MA, Albany, NY, New York, NY and Hartford, CT.